For over a year now, we have been thrilled to be able to offer Stressless Furniture in our store. Stressless has been building furniture in Norway since 1971, boasting over 50 years of experience in crafting quality furniture featuring the best leathers and innovative timeless designs.
And now, the excitement continues with the arrival of the Stressless Sky Modular Mattress! Designed to deliver the same exceptional comfort and quality that Stressless is renowned for, this mattress lets you experience the ultimate sleep experience right in the comfort of your own home.
With its innovative AdaptiveZones™ pocket springs and NordicSoft™ foam, this mattress offers unparalleled comfort and quality tailored to your body shape and comfort preferences.
Adding to the luxurious experience, the Cloud layer, exclusively made in Norway, enhances comfort and support, making every night’s sleep a dream come true. But it’s not just about comfort—the side panel cover is crafted from a wool blend, providing breathability, strength, and warmth without causing overheating. What’s even better is that this wool blend is fire-resistant, eliminating the need for any harmful chemicals.
With two versions and adjustable features the Stressless Sky truly redefines what a good night’s sleep means.
Join us at Bridge Interiors and discover the joy of personalized comfort and quality rest with the Stressless Sky Modular Mattress. Say hello to better sleep and bid farewell to restless nights!