This year, we have opted to reinvent our infamous tent sale to give you a chance to Furnish your home for free! One lucky group of people, on one day in September will be refunded their entire purchase!

To respect social distancing guidelines, we have decided that this year we are going to do something a little different. Instead of a 3 day tent sale, we’re bringing you the savings all month long while tying in the added bonus of refunding one group of lucky people the entirety of their purchase! What’s more, we also want to ensure our local charities aren’t left out since there will be no BBQ or other type of fund raiser so we will be donating cash to the charity of choice from the lucky group of folks who received a full refund!

How It Works

  • At the end of September, we simply add up the entire sales amount for the month. We divide this total by 30 to figure out the daily average of sales for the month, then, we pick the day of September that comes closest to the daily average without going over. This is the winning day! Every single person who made a purchase (and paid in full – special order or in-stock items) will be contacted and refunded the entirety of their transaction!

Charitable Donation

  • Every person making a purchase in September will be asked what charity they would pledge to at the time of payment. The lucky group of people in September who receive a refund will also get a $100 donation made to the charity they pledged to. This pledge will be made in YOUR name, ensuring YOU get the tax benefit of the donation!
  • Bridge Interiors will also be making a $500 donation to the charity that receives the most pledges on all sales through September.