What  We’re Doing

Recently we have completed a project that will reduce our hydro impact by over 25%. This was a major undertaking and the project lasted 2 months. We installed more than 1000 energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures featuring cutting edge energy saving electronics. The over $90,000 price tag has already been paying dividends and the energy savings has been astounding. Our plan, going forward, is to use that savings to bring innovative products and solutions to our customers.  Like our state of the art design centre and fresh, modern galleries.  It will also allow us to maintain our community involvement with our tents.  Watch for us!


Making a Difference

Front load laundry and now many top load laundry offer some of the largest energy savings potential in your home. A front load washer uses 65 liters of water per load. A traditional top load washer can use up to 140 liters per load.  That’s a difference of 75 liters per load and up to 200,000 liters of water savings over the life of the washer! Not to mention the money you save on electricity.  Traditionally a washer uses 420KwH per year. By switching to front load washers you will be using only 142KwH per year, reducing your water use footprint by over 270KwH per year. At Bridge Interiors we wash all our laundry and moving blankets in front load washers.


 The Detergent Difference

Excelsior HE detergent is a revolutionary product, offering amazing value, resulting in unsurpassed cleaning and performance, leaving clothes fresh and clean….That’s what they say.  Here is what we have to say. The entire staff use this product. It is super concentrated, needing less than a tablespoon of detergent per load, which saves you money. It is also easy on the environment because it is phosphate free, biodegradable and solvent free. Which means we don’t put those  contaminates into our rivers and lakes. To make things even easier we offer a refill program which saves you more. Come in and talk to us about it.