Your new down duvet is designed to last many years. To keep it looking its best, keep it covered with a quality duvet cover and clean the cover regularly.Wash This will protect you duvet from stains and general household grime. Your down duvet only needs laundering every three years. We highly recommend using a professional dry cleaner. Try to find one that will guarantee their work. If you decide to clean your duvet yourself follow these helpful guidelines.


Use a mild detergent. If possible, find one that is recommended for down. Use as little detergent as possible as this will add less soap residue to the down.

Washing Machine

Ensure that your washer is large enough to handle the size of the duvet. if you try to stuff a large duvet into a small washer the fabric will likely become damaged by the agitator or door seals. Front load washers and some of the newer high efficiency top load washers are gentler on fabric and often hold more volume.


Rinse completely.  Soap residue left on the down will affect the feel and performance of down. See Down University. Any soap lift on the down will cause it to clump. The type of washer you use must have a long or extra rinse cycle to ensure all of the soap has been rinsed out.


Dry your duvet thour. Use the fluff cycle ONLY. So not heat dry. Many duvets are made of 100% cotton and heat drying will shrink the fabric. It is extremely important that your duvet be completely dry to prevent mildew.

            Note: If the down in your duvet clumps, it is probably not dry enough. Run it through the fluff cycle until dry. If your are convinced that the down is dry and it still clumps then it is likely there is soap residue in your duvet. Rinse your duvet again and dry again.                                      

Spot Cleaning

The duvet’s cover can be spot cleaned by shaking the down away from the spot to be cleaned. This will keep the down dry. Use a mild detergent or cleaner and gently rub the stain. Rinse well without wetting the down inside the duvet. Dry small spots with a hair dryer set on cool. Larger areas may require a dryer set on fluff ONLY.