Technology is ever changing and with it our ability to affect energy and the environment. A refrigerator as new as 10 years old is already considered obsolete in terms of energy efficiency. Advancements in the efficiency of front load clothes washer and now even more top load washers have made marginally old machines offensive, energy munchers. So what do we do? The beginning of the answer lies in the energuide label. Learn about this label and it will save you money.  It will also have the added benefit of having less impact on the environment.




This number represents the annual energy consumption by the appliance in kilowatt hours. Look for a low number, it means more energy efficiency and higher savings.


This is the energy consumption indicator and may be the most important part of the energuide label. Here you find out how the appliance compares against other appliances in the same category.


The energy consumption bar shows the most and least efficient appliances in a given category. Keep your indicator arrow as far to the left as possible.


This area spells out the classification of the appliance by type and capacity of comparable models.


Note this symbol on the bottom of the energuide label. Energy Star indicates that the appliance is considered elite in it’s class for energy savings and efficiency.  See below for information on the Energy Star symbol. Note this symbol may appear as shown or on its own as part of an additional label.




Energy Star

Now that we know more about the energuide label and how we can use it to save money and lessen our impact on the environment lets look at the Energy Star symbol and its role in our lessening carbon footprint. In another section of this website called OUR GREEN STORY we talk about what we have done (and are doing) to control our environmental expenditures. The Energy Star program can be a large part of ‘Your Green Story’. In fact, the energy saved by switching to an energy efficient refrigerator alone would pay for the appliance in 5-7 years.  We recognize this and at the time of this writing all but one refrigerator carried the Energy Star symbol.  It is that important and if you look for it, it will save you money.