Miracle on Baker Street was a huge success! Over $55,000 was raised for the homeless shelter. There are a lot of people that we would like to thank for organizing, participating and contributing to this event.

A huge thank you to B104 Total Country, 102.9 The Drive, e-KNOW (East Kootenay News Online Weekly) as well as the other media coverage that helped propel the message about this event to so many people. A special thank you to Danielle Cardozo at The Drive for all her time and effort in taking point in leading the organization of this event.

The Salvation Army – Cranbrook deserves a big pat on the back for leading the homeless shelter initiative and contributing time, energy, and an enormous amount of compassion and resources to this important cause. The Cranbrook & District Community Foundation has also shown how important it is to get behind these sort of initiatives. Without charitable organizations like these, big projects like the homeless shelter wouldn’t happen.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who donated money towards this important cause and congratulations to the 22 men who passionately pursued as many donations as they could knowing full well that it would result in some uncomfortable chilly time in their underwear.

Also a huge shout out to Joey and Christine Hoechmann and the staff at The Bedroom Furniture Galleries for donating their space, time and resources leading up to and during the event.

We have an amazing community that we all call home. We are one step closer to providing the basic fundamentals of life for everyone that lives here. “Thank you” seems like such a small word for what everybody has done.

Just because the event is over, doesn’t mean you still can’t contribute. Stop by the Salvation Army and they will be happy accept your donation to the Homeless Shelter project.